Exchange and Study Program on UHC

National Health Security Office Building, Room 201 and 202
Bangkok, Thailand

Hari 2 - Selasa, 10 September 2013



Responsible person

Move from Vic3 Hotel to NHSO


Walk tour at the Government Complex  


Recap of Day 1     A representative of participants


National Health Security Office
(NHSO) – the organization which operates the UC Scheme for 47 million population or 75% of total Thai population

 Welcome address by the Representative of NHSO

  • Short presentation of NHSO organization and its functions on UC Scheme
  • Study tour at NHSO 3 groups:- call center, data center and fund allocation
  • 11.00: Come back to the plenary room
  • 11.00 – 11.30: Summary of the study tour of 3 groups, clarification, Q&A and discussion

Wilailuk Wisasa

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reportaseHealth Delivery system at Samutsongkram Province under context of UHC

•    Study tour at the Provincial Hospital and a health center to see a network of primary care and hospital care to respond to UHC; referral systems; flow of money and management etc

dr. Rawee Siriprasert

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