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Financing for Disaster Management in Indonesia:

Opportunities and Challenges - (Discussion with Community of Practice)

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PKMK FK - KMKUGM collaborated with the Community of Practice (CoP) on Disaster Health Management and CoP on Health Financing and Health Insurance to discuss several issues related to disaster management financing in Indonesia on Monday (14/10/2019). As the moderator; Madelina Ariani, SKM, MPH began with an overview of disaster management as part of the health system and related studies that have been carried out by PKMK (CHPM) and CoP teams. With dr. Bella Donna MPH and M. Faozi Kurniawan, SE. Akt. MPH; Madelina also explained the conditions of financing disaster management and health crises in Indonesia and the challenges.

The team agreed that strategies related to disaster management financing are also not out of the context of the social health insurance system (JKN program), supplyside, and development of education / training curriculum for students and health workers. In general; there are three discussion topics that became the issue were how to develop a good disaster health planning, the financing and budgeting system, and how the role of training and / or the education system.

dr. Hendro Wartatmo, Sp.B(K)BD added that local preparedness system is still low on disaster management, including evaluating programs. Not only related to budget allocation and HR limitations, but also how the program management reaches the implementation level. Prof. dr. Laksono Trisnantoro, MSc., PhD also explained that the focus of disaster management is not only before the disaster or at the same time after the disaster, but some period post the disaster as a program sustainability. The potential and role of philanthropy and the private sector needs to be considered, especially to support programs before and a few weeks after a disaster occurs.

Assoc. Prof. Sauwakon Ratanawijitrasin, PhD also added that disaster management should be planned and budgeted. Probability rates and estimated costs needed, can help support disaster management to overcome how big the estimated severity / impact of disaster. Although it’s not exactly same, but the concept of pooling in the health insurance system can also be adopted with several modifications. Strategy on planning is very important because mostly the bureaucracy and administration during a disaster requires a lot of time, at the same time the impact of a disaster needs to be addressed as soon as possible. She also agreed that revenue collection is not only limited by the government but also optimizes the role of the private sector.

dr. Bella and dr. Hendro explained that actually there is potential national funding that can support disaster management, but there are also still many challenges in utilization, management and distribution. On the other hand, efforts to optimize multisector roles are often faced with egoprogram between stakeholders. As a feedback; Assoc. Prof. Sauwakon Sauwakon also added that the role of advocacy not only focused on the impact of disasters on the health sector, but also on mental health, the economy, and other social issues. Therefore, disaster management is not only related to how to ensure the availability of health services, but more than that. On the other hand; Faozi Kurniawan also added that several stakeholders and regulations related to health financing at this time could also be considered, moreover one of the disaster management outputs was also part of the health facility performance indicators.

Reporter: Budi Eko Siswoyo, SKM, MPH

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