Obamacare: The solution to the healthcare problem?

Ilustrastion (source:rvrteam.com)Providing healthcare coverage to all residents in the United States remains a problem for every responsible person. The rising costs of premiums, the cutting of coverage, and the increase of prescription costs causes consumers to plead with government officials at the federal and state levels to take action. Sadly, they cannot regulate or freeze prices in a moneymaking business, which produces out of control healthcare costs.

The Obamacare program tries to provide universal healthcare coverage for everyone, including the poor and indigent. All employers, including small businesses, must offer a government named program from a pool of policies to every employee regardless of income. Consumers will choose a program by reviewing and selecting from several policies meeting the minimum standards and named guidelines set by the government.

Obamacare has penalties for people who do not buy a health insurance product. These penalties currently range from $95 in 2014, $325 in 2015, $695 in 2016 for each adult. It stands ironic the U.S. government would assess a fine for not buying a policy when consumers would have probably bought one if they could afford it.

The Supreme Court of the United States will eventually have the last word on the constitutionality of making a person buy health insurance or face a financial penalty.

Obamacare has many critics who point out serious dangers about the program. It could put a financial strain on small businesses that cannot afford to offer such coverage. An employer mandated tax of $3,000 for each employee could easily bankrupt many companies, hurting the economy even further.

Not only do these taxes affect employers, but also individual tax rates will increase. The tax to increase Medicare coverage will rise, and a 2.5 percent individual mandate tax on everyone will pay for Obamacare. Experts reportedly said the government will assess 21 separate tax increases to help pay for this program, the most in the nation’s history.

Do alternatives exist for the healthcare crisis? Should the U.S. government guarantee healthcare as a birthright for every citizen?

In European countries and many other countries that have socialized medicine, all citizens pay a flat tax for universal coverage. Instead of having health coverage managed and ran by insurance companies, the government guarantees all citizens’ coverage and regulates healthcare. Rich or poor, full medical coverage remains the right of every citizen in a country from birth until death.

Although popular with many, socialized medicine has its faults. Sometimes people must wait several months to have surgery unless a serious problem occurs. Employees who work in socialized healthcare do not earn as much as employees who work in capitalistic healthcare.

Instead of relying totally on government help for healthcare, perhaps people should begin taking responsibility for some of their own healthcare. While not a total solution, many people have diseases and health problems because of wrong living habits, especially with the foods they eat and the drinks they consume.

Modern medical research has completed studies that suggest a high fat diet produces health issues and raises the risks of cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. People should regulate their diet and have more than five servings of fruits and vegetables daily. A natural food diet preserves health and strength in human bodies at any age.

New research suggests that individuals should eat many locally grown foods owing to higher food values. When produce ships long distances, it loses nutrients while in transport and storage. Everyone should learn how to plant a vegetable and fruit garden to grow the many delicious produce varieties available in each local area.

Exercise remains a good choice for keeping health and vigor. Contrary to popular opinion, nobody needs to engage in a strenuous workout to gain good health. Simple exercises such as walking, stretching, and jogging increase blood flow and oxygen intake, producing strength and muscle tone.

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