World Bank Releases Report On High-Performance Financing For UHC

World Bank/Medium: On the agenda for the G20 this week: Financing universal health coverage
Tim Evans, senior director of the health, nutrition, and population global practice at the World Bank Group, and Christoph Kurowski, global lead for health financing at the World Bank Group, discuss results from a recently released World Bank report on high-performance health financing for universal health coverage (UHC). The authors note, “Evidence shows that high-performance financing for UHC not only spurs health and human capital formation, it also exerts its own direct effects on the economy. … G20 Finance Ministers can help transform health financing in developing countries in several ways. First, by holding regular dialogues on resilient and sustainable financing for UHC between ministers of finance and health. Second, by creating a dedicated innovation fund for health financing to identify new opportunities. Finally, the G20 can also ensure that development assistance for health effectively catalyzes efficient and equitable use and mobilization of domestic resources and strengthens country capacities in sustainable health financing” (6/28).

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