Single-payer system offers real health reform

The national debate over single-payer healthcare has a base of millions of new supporters, tripling since December. “Beyond the Affordable Care Act: Physicians Proposal for Healthcare,” published by the American Journal of Public Health, states that implementing single payer would not be financially disruptive and a smooth transition should be expected. The rebuttal to attacks on single-payer is becoming more powerful! Anyone with an ounce of healthcare sense should immediately be a strong supporter of single-payer.
Healthcare Positions of Candidates:

1. Hillary Clinton
Keep ACA with incremental reform of ACA. Implement Medicare drug price negotiation “for high-cost drugs.” Allow drug importation from other countries, cap specialty drug out-of-pocket costs at $250/month, and allow three doctor visits before paying deductible. Give $5,000 tax credit to families with very high (?) medical costs. No administrative savings, no comprehensive benefits, universal coverage, or cost control.

2. Bernie Sanders
Replace ACA. Implement single payer national health insurance (Expanded and Improved Medicare for All, (HR676). Allow Medicare to negotiate drug prices. Allow drug importation from Canada. Has comprehensive benefits, universal coverage, and cost control, and saves $400 billion in healthcare administrative costs /year.

3. Donald Trump

Repeal ACA. Block-grant Medicaid. Establish health savings accounts to save money that is exempt from estate taxes. Allow importation of cheaper drugs from other countries. Allow sale of private insurance across state lines. Make health insurance premiums tax deductible and health care premium prices transparent. No administrative savings, comprehensive benefits, universal coverage, or cost control.

Taxes now fund 64.3 percent of total U.S. health spending. This figure is expected to be 67.3 percent in 2024. We are paying for national health insurance but aren’t getting it! The single-payer system is the only health reform that will pay for itself. The economic and health impact is far-reaching and affects each one of us.

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